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Sumi Kusa Hana – Deodorant Carbon for your room


Price: ¥500.00

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Keep your room smelling fresh all the time with a new product from "Sumi Kusa Hana" series. The new Deodrant Carbon is a handy deodorizer for you to use any where, any time. The charcoal chip, which used to be hidden under unwoven fabric is now revealed; you can use your imagination to decorate your room in any way you wish.

“Sumi Kusa Hana” series is known for their function of absorbing excess moisture and uncomfortable aromas in your room. Previous products were made from chipped charcoal wrapped in unwoven fabric and shaped into various things.

However,  in this way, you could not see how much amount of charcoal were being used in each product. Deodorant carbon gives you the flexibility and creativity to use its function in your favorite container.

Whether its a glass vase or earthen cup or a wooden tray, deodorant carbon will suit your needs and taste to be used in many different shapes and sizes. Simply pour as much deodorant carbon as you want it your favorite container and place them where it is needed the most.

The “Sumi Kusa Hana” line of odor and moisture-fighting products, available in a range of sizes and uses, almost look too good to be called deodorizers.  Now you can make your own personal deodorizers, using deodorant carbon. As you know, all  IOTC’s products are good for the environment as well. The company produces their own charcoal using driftwood collected from Toyama area dams and discarded wood from demolished homes.

If you feel the charcoals are not absorbing enough odor as it used to, simply dry them in a shade for a few days to refreshen them. If you still think they have done their job, simply return them to soil, and they will work as a soil improvement agent. This is only possible because IOTC uses the best and safest ingredients that are all natural.
Materials: Charcoal

Product Size:W200 X H 300mm

Packaging and Package Size: 1500g

Shipment:Within 5 working days from the manufacturing factory.

Instructions and Directions for Use: To be used by replacing them in your favorite tray, vase, cup etc.


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Sumi Kusa Hana – Deodorant Carbon for your room


Price: ¥500.00

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