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30+ Ideas from Japan on the Future of the Earth (4/6)

EARTHLING = the children of the Earth

Two-day event, “Earthling 2011,″ is now on LIVE at Keio University Hiyoshi Campus. This event was originally prepared for April 2nd, however the earthquake hit in March and was rescheduled. (A charity event took place instead.

To read/see previous sessions: SESSION 1 (1/6), SESSION 2 (2/6), SESSION 3 (3/6) and the 2nd day is now on live English / Japanese


Speaker No. 16

大塚茂夫-Shigeo Otsuka

Chief Editor of National Geographic Japan.  National Geography was first founded and published in the year 1888 having a history of 123 years.  It is translated in 35 languages; 8200,000 copies are printed annually while 60,000,000 people subscribe all over the World.

Video streaming by Ustream

“You will be 1 of the 7 Billion”

National Geographic has considers 2011, Oct. 31st a historical day-to be, when the world population reaches 7 billion. Have you thought of the number of the World population in the year when you were born?

In January 2011, National Geographic started a year-long series on the global population and the natural environment. He showed a three-min short film on how 7 billion people on the Earth.

Only in 130 years, the national population grew from 1 billion to 7 billion. nationalgeographic.jp

Speaker No.17

中須賀真一Shinichi Nakasuka

Professor of School of Engineering, Tokyo University

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“It is so small that I could take as a carry-on fromNarita to Russia.”

Speaker No.18

矢野 創-Hajime Yano

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“Who knows? You decide. We want to realize our own future; it all depends on our will.”

The frontier is once explored, and then goes to extinction in end as people start to live. The frontiers on the Earth, except for the summits of high mountains and polar regions, considered “sanctuary” where human beings can actually reach yet decide not to do so, have been already at the stage of extinction.  Therefore, the current frontier for the humans is the space.

Then what is the frontier for us in 50 years?  “If we indentify ourselves as Earthling – the children of the Earth-, it will come to be necessary to define non-Earthling, which may be our decedents themselves in 1961, 50 years later.”

Speaker No.19

石橋正二郎-Shojiro Ishibashi

Video streaming by Ustream

Speaker No.20

吉梅 剛-Tsuyoshi Yoshiume

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Speaker No.21

前野隆司-Takashi Maeno

Professor of System Designing Management, Keio University

“Who are we?”

“We are already dead so let’s enjoy our lucky life.  We are very lucky to be born as humans.  We should enjoy our human lives, then go back to the Earth.”

To read/see previous sessions: SESSION 1 (1/6), SESSION 2 (2/6), SESSION 3 (3/6) and the 2nd day is now on live English / Japanese

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