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eco+waza’s Support Tohoku Campaign!

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to people struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.

The Support Tohoku Campaign, starting from May 1 to September 11, 2011,  is aiming to promote purchase of products from afflicted areas in Tohoku* stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. We believe that after urgent disaster relief and monetary donation, another stage of support is needed for people to stand from the ground, which is revitalization of the local economy.

In addition to purchasing products from those areas through eco+waza Shop (www.shop-greenjapan.com), 5% of total sales for made-in-East-Japan, eco-friendly products during the period of Support Tohoku Campaign will be donated to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake through the Think the Earth Fund, which is allocating all donations to smaller-sized NPOs and NGOs on site.

*Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima

Let’s support Tohoku by BUYING!


Washoku Series-Nambu Ironware:

Nambu cast-iron cookware with 75% recycled iron by OIGEN (Mizusawa, Iwate)

Sukiyaki Pot (with wooden lid and two handles)
SMALL 24cm /
5,250 YEN

LARGE 26cm / 5,775 YEN

This type of sukiyaki pot can be also used  to cook jucy-on-the-top & crispy-on-the-bottom gyoza (Japanese pot sticker) at home!

Excellent start for a never-to-fail washoku (Japanese cuisine) dinner for a getting-together party with friends and family.

Tempura Pot and another type of Sukiyaki Pot are also available.

Sukiyaki Pot (with two long handles) SMALL 24cm / 5,250 YEN
Sukiyaki Pot (with two long handles ) LARGE 26cm / 5,775 YEN

Tempura Pot SMALL 20cm / 4,200 YEN
Tempura Pot LARGE 23cm / 4,725 YEN

Naked Pan Series:

Nambu cast-iron cookware said to last more than 100 years by OIGEN (Mizusawa, Iwate)

Two-Handle Pan
MEDIUM 24cm / 10,500 YEN

MEDIUM 24cm DEEP / 12,600 YEN

LARGE 38cm / 42,000 YEN

The Naked Pan series employs traditional wisdom and craft, heating pans to temperatures of 800-900 °C for over an hour in a charcoal fire to create a natural anti-rust coating.

Oval Pan / 12,600 YEN
Roasting Pan Grill (38cm X 22cm) / 15,750 YEN
Roasting Pan (38cm X 22cm) / 15,750 YEN
Teppan (Square 35cm) /10,500 YEN
Wok / 21,000 YEN
Skillet (24 cm) / 13,650 YEN
Skillet (DEEP 24 cm) /15,750 YEN
Skillet (“Joto” Design 24cm) / 10,500 YEN
Skillet with Wooden Handle (“Joto” Design 24cm) / 10,500 YEN

Rice Bran Care Products:

Personal and pet care products with rice bran oil by Xion (Shiwa, Iwate)

Rice & Silk Face Soap
1,575 YEN

Rice bran oil has long been used for various purposes in Japan.  Rice bran oil, rich in Vitamin B1, B2 and E and ceramide, has been  known to keep moisturized and firm skin.It is also used for wiping floors and furniture for its natural cleansing property.

Natural rice bran wax cleaner and “Smile Pet” series for pet care are also available.

Natural Rice Bran Wax Cleaner (undiluted solution 50ml) / 735 YEN
Natural Rice Bran Wax Cleaner (undiluted solution 200ml) / 1,575 YEN
Natural Rice Bran Wax Cleaner (undiluted solution 200ml+a spray bottle) / 1,890 YEN

Rice & Silk Smile Pet Shampoo / 1,575 YEN
Rice & Silk Smile Pet Trial Kit (Shampoo, Conditioner and Deodorizer) COMING SOON

Kon-Niku (Veggie Meat )Series:

Low-calorie, fiber-rich meat alternative made of okara (bean curd) and konjak flour by ma-ma Foods (Hanamaki, Iwate)

Kon-Niku Manto (Veggie Meat Bun)
Set of 10 /2,800 YEN

Kon-Niku is made using leftover residue from the tofu (bean curd) production process, called okara, bananas and konjac flour—a water-soluble, low calorie and cholesterol-reducing powder made from the konjac tuber.

Kon-Niku Set
2,800 YEN
comes with 3 plain Kon-Niku packs and 4 premade retort Kon-Niku meals.

Domestic shipping only

Homaekake Work Apron:

Beautiful hand-dyed, robust aprons by Ito Dye Factory (Hanamaki, Iwate)

2,625 YEN

“Homaekake,” or aprons, are part of the traditional uniforms worn in a number of industries in Japan, including sake makers and lumber craftsmen.

ecotwaza editor
Article by
Eco+waza is two words but one philosophy: "eco," of course, stands forecology and the environment, while waza is Japanese for "skill," "art" or"technique." It is the combination of these two ideas that defines-andinspired-the creation of eco+waza. It is also what drives us to find thevery best eco products, ideas and solutions that Japan has to offer. We aimto bring people around the world "Inspired Green Living from Japan."


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3 Responses to “eco+waza’s Support Tohoku Campaign!”
  1. Sherilyn Siy Sherilyn Siy より:

    Cast-iron cookware is the best! I have a cast-iron wok I brought all the way from the Philippines and it goes with me wherever I go. Cast-iron when used and cared for properly is naturally non-stick. Pans that have non-stick coating are actually coated with the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which when heated to high temperatures causes toxic fumes. PTFE has been linked to cancer and birth defects. Additionally, this coating eventually wears off slowly, mixing in with the food that we ingest. Cast-iron cookware has none of those dangers. Even better, some iron mixes with the food with cook making it more nutritious. By purchasing cast-iron cookware from Tohoku, you not only do a favor for the people there but you also do a favor for yourself and your family’s health.

  2. Nettoie chantier より:

    for information, japanese red cross got more money than any association in the world after disaster and THEY DON T USE IT; stop giving money to north and make them work. Giving 5% on your selling is the best way for your economy and business not for theirs. They need jobs not money which doesn’t go to them; we have the green solution to do it. Make them work part time at first , by cleaning their land. Stop useless volonteers from tokyo who just go there as tourist to see if views are same than on tv.
    Ecology is an harmony between heart and nature, not between profit and nature.
    Help is an harmony between conscience and humanity, not between interests and humanity.

    Greenly yours.

    Nettoie Chantier Japan

    • ecotwaza editor ecotwaza editor より:

      Dear Nettoie Chantier Japan,

      Thank you for your sincere comment on this topic.
      I will reply one by one.
      First of all we are aware that the Red Cross is having a hard time allocating the donations. Therefore we are sending the 5% to the Think the Earth Fund, which is now allocating donations to smaller-sized emergency NGOs and NPOs on site. It is a much smaller and quicker fund. I added the information into the article since it didn’t say clearly and other people might assume that we are donating to the Red Cross. Thank you for that.

      Also this campaign is more focusing on buying from the makers in Tohoku rather than on donating, since we feel that it is important to enhance local businesses than keeping on donating. There are some villages that pay their citizens for cleaning up their land, as you proposed. Of course there are many ways of thinking about after-disaster cleanups, but after going on site to help a friends’ house, we feel that there are some places that are still in need of outside volunteers, especially in areas where most of the population is very old.

      We sincerely hope that your green solution of paying the people for cleaning there land works out. Please let us know how it went. And please feel free to come to our office for further discussions. (Thierry emailed me before, he must be in Tokyo?)
      I hope this covered all your topics, and thank you again for letting us know what was unclear.


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