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Childrens’ Books Revived


I visited my parents place today, and was surprised to see four boxes loaded with childrens’ books. Apparently, my mother had kept them for thirty years, and decided to open the pandora’s box for her granddaugter. She left them in the sun and wiped every one of them with a cleaner. (Yes, of course she is using the sugar-cane alcohol cleaner!) She might be a bit too... Read More

Cardboard 段ボール Play Day!

Cardboard fun!Photo courtesy of The Cardboard Collective Mark your calendar now for an event that must surely be one of the best ways to spend the first Saturday of the New Year! Free, heaps of fun, and kid-focused, you’ll learn the secrets cardboard holds and run around a little bit, too.  Put on by The Cardboard Collective, one of the most creative websites around, you... Read More

To wash or to throw away?


As every new parent will know, a large part of caring for a baby is taken up by wiping bottoms and changing nappies. With my daughter turning 5 years old in January, my nappy changing days were already far behind me. So when my son was born in August, I was pleased to find that my nappy changing skills came back to me quickly. But I had forgotten just how often you have to use... Read More

Managing for sustainability

  Yippee! – last week I resumed my studies after a six month break. I am studying for an MSc in Environmental Management with the Open University and my new module is called ‘Managing for Sustainability’. The last few weeks have been taken up with setting up our new home and getting used to life as a family of four and I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would find... Read More

Cast-Iron Cooking

2012-10-26 10.37.25

              It was just after I had started working for eco+waza, around this time last year, that I started to re-consider whether I should really be using my teflon coated frying pans.  I had heard that once the coating on the pans became damaged it could become a health hazard but I hadn’t really taken it seriously. It was too easy... Read More